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water in my veins

of all the elements, nothing calls to me in the same way as water

i'm attracted to water of any kind as a way of connecting with nature, it feels part of me in a way i can't quite articulate with words

this week is mental health awareness week

a week that isn't really relevant, because mental health is everyday, every week, always

but i have been trying to wild swim weekly and can't argue the benefits i feel to my own psychological wellbeing

a natural dopamine rush that comes from the immersion in cold water acts as a mood booster, but there is more of a subtlety to it

i feel a calmness in water

sometimes i imagine the water around me being an extension of what flows through my veins, powers my body and it becomes all consuming

i gain a level of clarity and single mindedness

the physiological and psychological benefits occur without consciousness

there's features of resilience, awareness and meditation

finding a secluded spot to swim feels like a treat

the sense of challenging myself to overcome the cold isn't a factor for me, although i can appreciate for others, that's key

i only wish to be

in the water, surrounded by the trees

nourishing my senses

weightless and filled with contentment


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