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things i wonder when i wander #1


Just after Christmas I took a wintery walk to search for snow and to reflect on a challenging year.

That's when the idea came to me that I do lots of my best thinking when I'm out in nature, so here's a rambling (pardon the pun!) about things I wonder when I wander.

Almost every step in the frosty Peak District was a gentle reminder that connecting with the outdoors has brought clarity and calmness to the mind and that has kept me grounded all year - my go to self-therapy is always movement outdoors.


Beauty in the environment is not a paradigm of perfection but instead, a shining, raw example that loveliness exists in the most unexpected places.


Setting intentions for the year ahead was more difficult than usual. Going through the pandemic that brought a year of surprises, I don't think I'm alone in not wanting to expect much at all, but in the interest of manifesting positivity and hopefulness, I did set a few.


↟ continuation of a life at a slower pace

↟ read more, worry less

↟ have a proactive attitude

↟ practice daily gratitude

↟ find happiness in small things

↟ move for your mind


As 2021 began and we were hit with lockdown 3.0, future plans felt far away, I was grateful to have snatched a little time drinking a good brew on my local hills.

◌ sit back, breathe deep and take it all in ◌


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