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unfamiliar newness

...start a blog. An idea I had roughly 6 years ago, a blog to encapsulate all things exercise and mental health. It was an idea filled with optimism, creativity and enterprise. It was an idea I never acted upon but thought about more frequently than most other things in life.

My mind runs at light speed. My thoughts run wilder than my actual runs and over the years, exercise and the outdoors has become a way of slowing it all down. Enjoying the simplicity of one foot in front of the other, oxygen in my lungs, stillness in my head and endless trails to explore.

The ability to self-doubt is a terrible thing, and gradually the reasons 'not to do it' stacked up bigger than my little seedling of an idea. There will always be a reason why not if you look hard enough, but a life of not doing? Well that just doesn't feel like me.

So here it is! The launch of Run the Mind. 6 years in the making but not a moment too late.



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