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the way you talk to yourself matters

More and more I notice that the world is taking notice of the way words we use. Incredible social movements like Black Lives Matter, ending 'cancel culture' and LGBTQ+ rights contribute to us being kinder, less judgemental and ultimately a more accepting society. It definitely feels good to consider how our words, thoughts and actions impact others positively.


The concept of 'self-love' is by no means a new one. I often hear phrases banded around like "the most important relationship you'll ever have is with yourself".

But what does that really mean? How can we love ourselves more and move past feeling the associations with extreme self-indulgence and vanity. What happens when you speak to yourself nicely?

Really, it comes down to the inner narrative.

The way you talk to yourself really does matter.

It matters for your health, your relationships, your mindset, your mood and for your resilience.


With the connections I have in life, friends and family, work colleagues, uni mates, neighbours, it's not an effort to see the good in others and reflect that in the language I use.

It's a win - win, being kind makes you feel good, so imagine if you applied that to yourself.

I'm often highly self-critical, quick to put myself down or negatively compare to others. I can suffer from imposter syndrome and only have to glance at myself at the wrong angle on a zoom call to think i'm a mess.

This kind of negative internal dialogue easily brings bad moods, so i'm making an extra effort to flip it on its head.

Time to re-establish your own worth and realise your value.


Apparently, talking to yourself can be the first sign of madness but in this case, the madness of self-love can become your superpower, your protective shield and the best self-care you've ever done.

Using positive self-talk can help to change the narrative, and changing the narrative can lead to big things.

Whether you use daily affirmations or stick to a life mantra, give yourself that pep talk or simply just cut the critical crap.

Stomping in the footsteps of social movements before it, self-love should be the new priority.

The world could surely benefit from more kindness, so why not start with yourself and let's see the impact that could have on each other.

Put on those rose tinted glasses and see the good in yourself.

Romanticise your life and start being kinder to yourself.


They say happiness is an inside job and that positivity is contagious.

Be proud of what you have, the things you offer and the space you take up.

L e t y o u r s e l f b l o o m


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