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the race wobblies

in the past i’ve dwelled too much in imposter syndrome and found it easy to convince myself that racing isn’t for me

performance anxiety in any sense can be restrictive and mental self-sabotage

simply put, avoidance becomes momentarily protective but also reinforces negative beliefs of capability


this year i’ve made a concerted effort to race more in an effort to tick off some personal goals

things that have eased my race anxieties are self-reflection, maintaining perspective, being realistic, visualisation and creating a positive internal dialogue

my desire to run is driven by intrinsic motivators that contribute to wider values and my own sense of identity

the priority is enjoyment and adventure, of which, racing gives me both of those things in abundance alongside a great sense of accomplishment

a level of anxiety can stimulate action and be a reminder of what’s valuable in pursuit of our desires

don’t fear the wobblies, tackle them with a calmness and composure, let them serve as a way of unlocking your potential


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