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mud is good

The trails are calling this autumn.

As the days get shorter and the air becomes crisper, the balmy summer days fade into a distant memory. Cold, damp days and dark nights aren't always the most appealing combination for running, but there's a secret solution hiding in the woods...

The trails

Autumn has well and truly arrived here in the Peak District, bathing the trails in a golden light. The leaves are changing and beginning to fall making way for Winter's arrival. This is the time of year when trail running is at its best.

If you're looking for a boost in motivation and a little shake up from a summer of focus on races, times and pavement, why not leave the tarmac for trails where miles can be banked, stamina can be built, mindfulness can be practiced and above all - you can play in muddy puddles!

Trail running can be daunting initially. You'll soon find that sometimes paths disappear to nothing, getting lost is the norm and falling over happens quite a lot. Navigation, elevation, terrain, it's all part of the fun. Having the right kit to manage these situations can help to give you the confidence you need to get started.

Luckily ASICS have you covered with their new ASICSTrail Kit!

Meticulously crafted with durability, comfort and performance in mind, this range not only looks amazing but feels great too.

So you're dressed the part and ready to take on the trails... now what?

Here's my top tips for making the most of the trails this autumn:

  • Move with intention and confidence - be mindful of where you look and place your body. Focus on the ground slightly ahead of your feet to anticipate your next movement, then place your feet carefully on the most stable looking ground.

  • Slow it down - the trails can feel like a totally different ball game aerobically so don't be afraid to slow the pace down to find some flow(ditch the watch if that helps too!)

  • Embrace the weather - If you can, invest in key pieces to manage the weather whilst you're out to reduce the unpleasant feelings of being cold or wet.

  • Be playful - unleash your wild and adventurous spirit by playing around. Get a little muddy, climb some rocks and remind yourself that running can be fun.

  • Enjoy the view - don't be afraid of stopping now and again to take a look around. There's beauty on the trails for those who look for it.

  • Switch terrain - steep rocky climbs, riverside woodlands or rolling boggy hills. Mix in different terrain to see what speaks to you.

There are so many benefits to getting on the trails including improved concentration, reduced anxiety, improved balance and reduced risk of injury. Above all, you get to immerse yourself in nature and notice the changing landscape in all its glory. Whether you're training in pursuit of 2023 goals or running for the love of it, the trails have something for every runner.

Autumn has arrived and the trails are calling.

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