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magical outdoors

When you're young, you see magic in the world with innocent curiosity, yet as we grow, that curiosity diminishes.

Sometimes, when the elements align and your guard is down, there is a bridge between science and spirituality. Things that are deeply rooted in science can seem too good to be explained by biological and physical explanations. There's a magic to nature that can be felt in presence.

Growth in unlikely places, light on the gloomiest of days, low hanging fog or the subtle touches of frost.

All reflect the simplicity of nature and the complexity of science.


Can you science and spirituality be separated?

Maybe it would be an insult to try.


Nature speaks to the physical cells in your body, cells kept alive by the air we breathe and the time & tides of the moon.

When we really connect with the environment, we can tune into our emotions and feel nature breathe within.

Embracing the connection of humans and the environment goes beyond the physical.

The alchemy of two existential forces that defy all explanation.

Nature is a magical existence.


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