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winter trails

To say winter is my least favourite season, it's the one where I get some of my best runs.

The weather in Sheffield has been terrible so far this year, so on those rare blue sky days, it's nice to take full advantage and get on the trails.

My go to when I don't want to find a new route always has to be Burbage - Stanage. Probably one of the most well known hotspots in the Peak District, but one that definitely doesn't lose its charm.

I like to get out early to avoid dodging too many people, before the mud accumulates and to bask in the early winter sunshine.


Running on trails in the winter can make them a little bit more technical so it's good to be prepared and take it slow. If it's cold enough that the mud is frozen you can skip along as if it was summer. I always approach the descents with extra caution though. As someone who's not unfamiliar with falling on a run, I don't mind the odd tumble but I definitely don't want to injure myself. I also make sure I'm warm enough and have my phone for any emergencies.

The colours, sights, smells and creatures provide the escapism I crave and the adventure of the environment beats running fast on the road every time.

So while I sit here at home, watching little snow flurries fall from a grey sky, after days and days of heavy rain, I'm dreaming of these cold, crisp days when I can layer up, lace up and get out along those golden edges.


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