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things i wonder when i wander #2

Another wintery lockdown walk has inspired more musings, this time with my new camera in tow!

It was another trip to Edale but I picked a different route that would take us up Upper Booth to Mam Tor and Lose Hill then back. We got packed up with snacks, peppermint tea and many, many layers. Considering the weather hasn't got above freezing all week and the snow was still stubbornly lingering I anticipated cold - but it was truly baltic (-13° on the tops)!!

The wind was so strong we didn't actually make it to Mam Tor, we bailed early for a jet boil dinner back at the car in the interest of not getting frostbitten noses. A good choice in my opinion.


Pretty much the only thing I think about on wanders at the moment is Spring.

The Peak District is undoubtedly beautiful in the snow, but I'm not a big Winter fan. I'm not made for dark mornings and dark nights, shivering and dithering, being cold and pale and moving much less. Supposedly the time for deep rest but I'm just feeling chronically lazy. Maybe it's the lack of vitamin D or maybe it's the pandemic. Either way, I don't want Winter to last any longer.

I want lighter mornings, lighter nights, sprouting daffodils, freckles on my nose, lambs in the field, leaves on the tress, drink gin in the garden and the warmth of sun on my skin. I want to go out and camp, run more miles without slipping on ice, climb rocks that aren't soaked through, capture photos in soft light and see my friends and family for walks that aren't spent bracing against the harsh weather.

Luckily the weather gods must be listening because the temperatures are rising next week and the snow is steadily melting. Optimistically, I'd say

Spring is in the air!

Maybe not just yet, but it makes me feel more positive all the same. For now though, I'll have to act like the northerner I am and just cope with the last dregs of cold.


Apricity: 'basking in the warmth of the winter sun'


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