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spring cleansing the mind

spring arrives in all it's glory with growth and life, warmth and bloom

this time of the year represents an awakening which can provide the perfect conditions for a physical and mental reset


some easy ways to spring cleanse:

𓇬 rise with the sun - adjusting your sleeping pattern to wake up with the sun can help you feel more energised and synchronise your biological clock, providing an all-around sense of balance

𓇬 take your movement outdoors - interact with the environment, embrace the changes in weather, immerse your senses and move with the natural rhythms of nature

𓇬 go foraging - adapting your diet to eat from the earth requires attention to your surroundings, which can induce an internal stillness, an appreciation of simplicity and sufficiency and reduce anxiety

𓇬 refresh your goals - most goal setting is done on the turn of the year but spring can provide the opportunity to review your progress and re establish your path

𓇬 begin something new - relative to goal setting, increased motivation and hopefulness can facilitates conditions for establishing new hobbies and interests

𓇬 create space - consider a decluttering of your mental and physical space to allow for calmness and relaxation


move with the season in forward motion towards where you want to be

all kit kindly gifted by ASICS FrontRunner

shoes - Gel Nimbus LITE 3


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