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seasons change and so do we

When the Peak District gets covered in that lovely purple carpet of heather, it's a bittersweet feeling, mainly because it's a sure sign that the summer is ending, giving us on last pop of brightness before the autumn browns set in.

I love the summer and the heat (when we get it in the UK) but when I know it's ending, I start to romanticise those crisp days with soft lift and crunchy leaves. The cosiness takes hold and I go into nesting mode ready for the colder months.


The seasons change and so do we. I like having the opportunity to transform alongside nature. For me, Autumn brings with it a time for connecting most deeply with my environment. It's when I do all my best running, I think the trails are at their most optimal when cold and muddy, surrounded by golden trees and followed by hot strong cups of tea. I breathe better in Autumn, when the air is fresher.

For now, nothing beats those last few days of warmth, running in shorts through the heather & enjoying the sun on my face, but when the seasons change, I'll be ready to move with them.

If you're heading out in hopes of finding the best walks or runs in the Peak District, I'd recommend Stanage Edge and the many footpaths across the surrounding moors.

In a few weeks time, the views will be totally different, but that is

the beauty of the seasons.


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