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rest, rest and more rest

I've been a bit quiet on here and over on instagram lately. For the past month I've been poorly with shingles and have just needed rest and more rest. No running (which is unbelievably hard to do), no working, just gentle walks, good food and lots of sleep.

We're so used to always being on the go. If we're not being proactive and productive then something feels off. We're lazy, we're not using our time well. It's very rare that we choose and prioritise good quality rest.


In the healthcare professions, you're taught about 'burnout' quite early on. It's well known that demands and responsibility is high for HCP's and being aware of burnout is crucial. I've always considered myself quite self-aware, able to recognise when things are getting too much but lately, i've gone over my limit.

So i'm resting.

Allowing time to recharge can have a positive impact on both mental and physical wellbeing. With lockdown ongoing, it's been almost a year of

'all work and no play'

no holidays and i'll admit, I've not taken a break for a long time.

Daily life can be very stressful, juggling work and full time study, relationships, health and all the other things in between, there doesn't feel enough hours in the day.

I'm giving myself time to recover with as little pressure as possible.

Slowly, slowly I'm getting better.

So no rush from me, no great plans or races on the horizon, just an easing back in to movement that makes me feel so happy.

One of the best things about having rest is that it reminds you to be grateful for the things you can do.

Like when you have a cold and you forget how it feels to breathe without a blocked nose. Not running only makes me want to run more.


I know that those first few km's back will feel hard and I'll probably be desperate to get back to longer miles, but I'm keeping my perspective focused on the sweetness of being strong enough to run, the mileage will come later.

How I'm resting:

↟ Gentle daily movement

↟ Prioritising sleep with no alarm

↟ Morning meditation

↟ Eating a nutritious, whole-foods

↟ Staying hydrated

↟ Reading more

↟ Warm baths

↟ Not over committing to plans


Hopefully, this period of rest is exactly what I've needed to re-energise my body and replenish myself ready for the year ahead.

Prioritising physical and mental wellbeing is always high on my agenda.

More running, more writing, more exploring in the sunshine and tuning into what my body needs to 'refill my cup'.

(Also never-endingly happy to have access to such beautiful places to run).

Let this be your reminder, that if you feel tired and lacking in energy, your body may be communicating that it's time for you to take some rest.


Apr 07, 2021

On a day, a few days into the Easter break from school, when I feel totally drained and yet still being called to ‘DO something’, reading this has come as a lovely reminder that rest is indeed DOING something. So thank you - I will walk the dogs and get back to my book, guilt free.

Apr 07, 2021
Replying to

Wise words :) definitely much needed if you want to maintain a busy life. Dog walk and a book sounds exactly like what you need xxx

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