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intuition - WTS

The winter training series is here.

Knowing ourselves is also knowing that we are part of nature, part of something bigger, part of the air we breathe and the ground we walk.

Intuition revolves around mind-body connection.

By focusing training on heart rate, exertion and feel, i have been able to develop my own intuition. It's given me an opportunity for getting to know what my body is capable of doing, an understanding of my training capacity and the recipe for movement with purpose and intention.

Running intuitively has allowed me to tune into the finer senses of myself, noticing the smallest changes in my breathe, aches in my muscles and delving deeper into the thoughts in my mind.

What am i capable of?

Intuition has also kept me grounded and aware, of myself, of my environment, of my potential.

I have had to ask questions of myself and seek answers through a long process of training.

why do it?

why run?

why train?

All roads lead back to the idea that through running, training and through development of intuition, i am ultimately gaining knowledge of self.

Running allows me to enhance my own potential and become in tune with my mind and body.


Winter training has, and continues to build my intuition.

Through consistency and confidence in my training, i am becoming more aware, present and feel able to achieve.


Intuition can be developed in some simple ways:

∴ increasing sensory awareness,

∴ intentional engagement with nature,

∴ cultivating experiences by training to provide purpose and direction,

∴ using knowledge of the environment to your advantage,

∴ reducing distractions,

∴ tuning in

Nature is the perfect place to develop intuition, so running trails creates the perfect combination.

Soft fascination of the landscape, natural distractions and gently persuading presence through challenging terrain and landscape.

Quieting the mind and leaving space for turning inwards.

As my winter training progresses, i am attending to my senses and attuning body and mind.


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